Friday, December 4, 2009


Dears readers,

Today it's Chimel's birthday, so you have to wish him a happy birthday!!!
(in the comments or personally)
In a personal way of course. Here's how I did it :

I'm too exhausted because I didn't sleep lately, so I'm not making great VEDDs - but it's gonna change soon!!!

So far, I went to see the shrink, then I was supposed to go to the skatepark but it's raining all the time and everything is wet.

This week-end I'm going to spend time with Thibaud and Chewie. Maybe playing basketball if the weather allows it.

My internet cure doesn't work well, because I basically spend more time on Youtube or on the computer editing videos.
The great news is that I don't miss any other websites finally... I just miss talking to people, but it's still OK.
I made a great mistake when changing the passwords of my Skype accounts and I really lost them... So I created a new account. And if you have an old skype of mine, you can simply delete it, I can't log in anymore. And yes you can add me, no problems. I was kinda sad at the beginning, now I'm glad because I know it's gonna clear my contact list a little!! hehe

You know where to reach me these days.

Talk to you later!


  1. Happy Birthday Chimel - I don't know you, but you are important to Shaney so that makes you important. I hope you have a great day. You too Shaney - have a great day.


  2. Just to repeat what I already told you, your videos are better with less editing. Easier to hear and understand, and easier to follow the subject. But I am old, what do I know? :-p

  3. Thanks, Ron. Well, I don't know myself that much either, so I guess we'll have to agree that the important person here is Shaney!
    Hmmm, all these chocolate hearts make me hungry!
    Basketball sounds good, Shane, remember to wear your, or those, that look even better:

  4. Chimel... The last link made me... speechless...
    WoW !! o_O