Thursday, December 17, 2009

I've got sunshine

This is my friend Zak and I'm proud of him.
He was on TV yesterday evening (recorded last October though if my memory is exact). And I really like the harmonies by his brother (and Adrien's haircut! loool).

As you can hear, his voice is starting changing (it's more obvious it you listen to his CD "The last memories of my old house" that you must have!). I wish my voice will change soon too... (sigh)

The other live video from the show!

I miss him.
I miss those moments where we were playing ukulele in the park (way before he recorded a CD and became too busy)

You can appreciate my ridiculous haircuts through the years too :

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  1. Zak is awesome and you will always be friends; even if there is never enough time. You will always have good memories and will make new ones as well. It is good to have the such great friendships - they will last long after your voice changes too.