Friday, December 11, 2009

It's a bright day today !!

Hi folks !!!

I'm just very happy and it's a very good day in the big life of the little foxx.

I'm not gonna talk about it on my VEDD of the day, but I called a shrink today to get a first appointment, because I don't think being depressed that much is normal. I'll see him January 18th. I hope he's nice... It'll cost me 41€. Though on the phone I didn't really liked his voice - too "nice", creepy... Let's wait and see.

I also called a great school this afternoon. I'm sick of staying here doing nothing. My sluggishness is just annoying and I'm better than that!!! I deserve to get an education and then a job.
Basically they'll send me some files and I'll send them back to try to apply there. If I'm selected, then during one day I'll have a lost of tests and interviews and maybe then I'll be accepted. I really wish I can go there, because I want to have goals in my life again. Let's just hope and see...

Also, for those who don't know, Hanukkah is starting today...
HanukkahI'm not religious, I'm atheist by choice, but it's not a reason for not wishing you all a great Hanukkah, and if you believe in G.od, thank him for all the great things happening in your life.
Thank him too for the rough times because they make you stronger. And it's no bollocks, I mean it. I believe it, even if I don't believe in G.od.
(I respect everybody's beliefs).

I'm so grateful for all the things I've been through - because they made me the person I am now. Sometimes it's tough, but life is worth the difficulties.

In less than a week I'm going to be at Antibes and I can't wait to see my brother again and spend time with him. I hope that this time our Christmas will be amazing and cheerful.
No no don't get confused, we don't celebrate it for religious reasons either, it's just a way for all the family to get together and appreciate the food!! And anyway, it's a cultural holiday these days, commercial too unfortunately, but not so religious anymore, ain't it?

* Internet withdrawal *


  1. Happy Hanukkah and best wishes for this and every day. I am very happy that you are wanting to go back to school and making short term goals. It is really good that you are having fun and a very good day. Have more great days and enjoy your time in Antibes. Hugs for you forever my friend. <3


  2. I think Ron said all the things I wanted to say! But I will repeat anyway... I'm glad you've decided to go back to school! You've got too much in that head of yours to NOT find a way to use it. Keep looking for ways to make yourself the person you want to be. These are good things you are doing. And yes, hugs forever for you. :)
    <3 Daddy Subway <3

  3. Salut Shane, c'est mieux maintenant avec ce post :-) Je suis parti pour quelques jours et je te retrouve complètement dépressif, et aujourd'hui: heureux!! Parfait!

    Passez des bonnes vacances à Antibes!