Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Deleting posts!?

Yes, indeed, I think it was time for me to clean the blog and remove my personal stuff out there.

I'll keep posting I guess, but I don't want to talk about private things including my family life/issues, health issues, my school life, my opinion on such subjects and my doubts about life, etc.

I have been quite open and honest, and I really like expressing myself, but I don't want "fans" from youtube or strangers to know intimate information about my life.

Hope you understand. I have no idea if I keep the blog for the moment...
I'll think of something new. I'm gonna build my website too with a new blog on there that will be more focused about music and art. I might start a new anonymous blog to express myself if I see that it's not enough, and because I like to talk a lot... In the mean time i'm gonna vlog a little :


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Hollister Rant

This upcoming rant is more a pointless than something very serious. But I feel like I need to talk about it!! Unfortunately after finished writing my perfect and long blog post, I lost it all as I was on the wrong Youtube account... that could be a subject of another rant, lol.

So to calm down I'm playing an album I just got, from the band
Fun. This video is not the official video but I found it more interesting than a picture of the cover along with the audio.

So, yes, if you are in the US you know that Abercrombie&Fitch and Hollister are very popular brands for teenagers and young men. We don't have them in Europe, but since 2008 the very 'cool' and fashionable people here want to wear it too.

I never had anything from them, because of the price, and I wasn't that interested much either even if they are very beautiful clothes, and it is exactly my style. I was told the quality was good too.
I have an obsession for birds especially eagles, but not only, and I'm famous among my friends for imitating the seagull scream so well. So I find the Hollister clothes very nice. I thought 'why not' but not really.

But in february my best friend Nick gave me one Abercombie shirt that didn't fit him, it's kids size [boys XL].
And I was very impressed by the quality because it's thick, like heavy and all, and so I liked it a lot. It was a little too big for me, but that's OK I still wear it.

I, of course, wanted a Hollister one too. Quality + Seagull = Yay.

But I couldn't find the junior department of Hollister. Actually I found the website, and they don't have kids clothes. Abercrombie has two websites in fact, one for adults and one for kids.
Is it important to specify that I'm 5' tall and not especially thin [but not fat]. I can't wear adult clothes because that would mean in the case of a shirt having it near my knees, the sleeves two times longer and even the shoulders.. bleh. not my fault, I am how I'm built. But it becomes a pain to actually find boys clothes that don't look childish, because I am now a young man and not a baby anymore. See. So those brands are very appropriate.

So, I sent someone on a mission to Hollister stores to ask if they had kids clothes.
The seller has said that the clothes are designed for the youth. Of course it's obvious that you have not allowed to wear that if you have body hair or a big belly! Or even grey hair I'd say!
She said also that the sizes are quite small. That was a lie though.
Of course I was sceptical, it's "small" in a way that you have to be SKINNY and tall. It doesn't make sense. I had a doubt and so I checked the size charts on both websites to compare.
So Hollister small = Abercrombie small. Logical.
Problem was : I needed kids sizes. Boys Large.
The only option left finally was to get the A&F thing, and that's all. Thing is I don't care about that MOOSE that I can't even recognize... lol. At least it fits me perfectly, if I don't put on some weight!!

What makes me feel weird is that Hollister is shitting on its own market. They make clothes for youth but not for kids, so who do they think is interested in buying them??
Teenagers! Young adults. Are they all 6' tall and thin?
So they exclude potential customers...

People come in different shapes and sizes, and all, you know! Just saying.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Randomness, Youtube became my whole life..

Yeah, so... no, sorry nothing to say. =]
I've been recently quite noticed on Youtube because I covered a Justin Bieber song, so I got kinda "attacked" by JB's fans. It's quite calm now, but the past few days were a little funny.
Either insulted like "You don't sing like him, you are not as good as him, just stop." Or either like "OMG you're so cute can you cover also 'one time' and 'one less lonely girl' and I love you...".
I got lucky it wasn't that much and it didn't last.

But I just picked a random comment I received tonight. I got a lot more of course recently [and continuously] and from long time friends, or new fans. And it makes me so happy, like a little more self-confident. But yeah I like this one because it's from someone I don't personally know but who is a relative of someone I adore.

I think you are being to modest about your own talent though. I think you have a very special voice and and singing-style which gives everything you do a very special touch. I always look forward to your videos. You seem to have a very good personality also.

Other great news. You know that I change my mind every 5 minutes...right?
You already know that I'm not addicted to Oreo anymore ?

Well, right now I decided that I didn't want to collect postcards anymore, hmm not too sure though because I still adore them so much.
BUT! I have found a new random thing to collect.
Something that is going to be very hard to get and that is very rare!
I will collect other youtubers cards, but only the limited MOO cards!!
So I already know that I will have one card, from Bill Elder [billtvmacon], and we were joking about the fact that these cards are gonna be the currency of the upcoming Youtube Gatherings. Such as kids exchanging baseball players cards in the playground.
If you can get any "Youtube Moo card", please send it to me and I'll love you forever!!!
Gosh, it seems Youtube has become my life, please... give me a life!! lol
Oh it just reminds me a french song about a girl taking the life of someone else. Enjoy.