Saturday, June 12, 2010

Randomness, Youtube became my whole life..

Yeah, so... no, sorry nothing to say. =]
I've been recently quite noticed on Youtube because I covered a Justin Bieber song, so I got kinda "attacked" by JB's fans. It's quite calm now, but the past few days were a little funny.
Either insulted like "You don't sing like him, you are not as good as him, just stop." Or either like "OMG you're so cute can you cover also 'one time' and 'one less lonely girl' and I love you...".
I got lucky it wasn't that much and it didn't last.

But I just picked a random comment I received tonight. I got a lot more of course recently [and continuously] and from long time friends, or new fans. And it makes me so happy, like a little more self-confident. But yeah I like this one because it's from someone I don't personally know but who is a relative of someone I adore.

I think you are being to modest about your own talent though. I think you have a very special voice and and singing-style which gives everything you do a very special touch. I always look forward to your videos. You seem to have a very good personality also.

Other great news. You know that I change my mind every 5 minutes...right?
You already know that I'm not addicted to Oreo anymore ?

Well, right now I decided that I didn't want to collect postcards anymore, hmm not too sure though because I still adore them so much.
BUT! I have found a new random thing to collect.
Something that is going to be very hard to get and that is very rare!
I will collect other youtubers cards, but only the limited MOO cards!!
So I already know that I will have one card, from Bill Elder [billtvmacon], and we were joking about the fact that these cards are gonna be the currency of the upcoming Youtube Gatherings. Such as kids exchanging baseball players cards in the playground.
If you can get any "Youtube Moo card", please send it to me and I'll love you forever!!!
Gosh, it seems Youtube has become my life, please... give me a life!! lol
Oh it just reminds me a french song about a girl taking the life of someone else. Enjoy.

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  1. I could get some, but you would be the only one that would want one. : (