Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Deleting posts!?

Yes, indeed, I think it was time for me to clean the blog and remove my personal stuff out there.

I'll keep posting I guess, but I don't want to talk about private things including my family life/issues, health issues, my school life, my opinion on such subjects and my doubts about life, etc.

I have been quite open and honest, and I really like expressing myself, but I don't want "fans" from youtube or strangers to know intimate information about my life.

Hope you understand. I have no idea if I keep the blog for the moment...
I'll think of something new. I'm gonna build my website too with a new blog on there that will be more focused about music and art. I might start a new anonymous blog to express myself if I see that it's not enough, and because I like to talk a lot... In the mean time i'm gonna vlog a little :



  1. I only have one suggestion. You should, I think, keep an intact copy of your blog as it is to date just for you. It may not mean anything right now, but it may be good for reflection later.

    Its a shame you shy away from controversy and conflict because like I said, you're a good blogger and would make a very good debater!

  2. 'Sounds like it might be hard to do a blog without including some personal things, but sometimes you have to do what you have to do--after all, it's your blog! I agree with justblaze206, though, and would consider keeping old posts somewhere just in case you ever want them.

  3. Do what you need to do - for yourself. You don't owe anybody anything - especially strangers. Take your life back and make something if it - something that will make you proud.